Supermarket Advertising Effectiveness

The Power of Local Connections

It’s not about reaching more people, it’s about reaching the right people, and for local businesses, it’s the Power of Local Connections.

The power of your brand relies on your ability to focus and craft a marketing message that will convert prospects into customers.

The need for marketing and media efficiencies in terms of reaching your best prospects at an affordable price is critical for today’s local businesses. Cutting through the competitive clutter so more consumers think of you, FIRST, will help you build your brand and your customer database.

That’s where advertising, specifically local advertising comes in – having people think of you, instead of your competition, and to think of your service more often.

Local, in-store supermarket advertising can do just that. At Adcorp Media Group all of our marketing efforts are centered around the supermarket where your local prospects go. You know your target audience, and we have them! (Unless they don’t have to eat and feed their family!)

More people, spend more time, more often in supermarkets than they do anywhere else and in-store advertising programs are the best solution.

There are three distinct elements to effective advertising: Exposure, Repetition, and Targeting.

Our local, in-store supermarket advertising programs can do these three things more effectively than anything else you can buy, here’s how…



If people don’t see or hear your ad, they can’t respond to it. Not only are consumers going to the grocery store, but they are spending an average of 41 minutes per trip there.

And, according to the Outdoor Media Association, consumers are 2.5x more alert when they are out, than at home consuming media.

Plus, our print and broadcast media are strategically placed so shoppers have no choice but to see them.



If your ad isn’t seen or heard often, then people won’t remember it. Shoppers hit the supermarket almost twice a week and our markets see an average of 25,000 shoppers per week.



Shoppers shop multiple channels however, 85% still almost always shop at a regular/full-service supermarket. In spite of the growth on online/delivery services like PeaPod and FreshDirect, the supermarket is the venue of choice. And, these shoppers are going to local supermarkets, in your local target market area, which makes supermarket advertising a great way to reach your potential customers.

That said, one of the benefits of our in-store supermarket programs is you get to pick the store that makes the most sense for your business.

When these three elements of effective advertising are present and working together, the result is Brand Recognition. And if people think of you first, they are more likely to choose you over the competition.

Again, that’s how ALL advertising works. We just happen to be able to accomplish this for you better than any other local advertising media with our in-store supermarket advertising print and broadcast programs.


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