In-store Digital Signage Network

In-store Digital Signage Network

Got some great press for Adcorp Media Group and Adcorp360 regarding our supermarket MarketVision broadcast programs in the Digital Signage Pulse e-newsletter. This e-newsletter is subscription-based and is read by ‘players’ in the digital industry.

Our MarketVision digital broadcast programs consist of high definition screens placed in hi-traffic areas in the supermarket. We have two broadcast programs in place at this point. Our MarketVision Network consists of a bank of screens (anywhere from 8 to 12 HD screens) placed along the main aisle of the supermarket right at check out. Our MarketVision Kiosk program consists of 4 or 5 kiosks or wall-mounted hi-def screens strategically placed in departments that are heavily trafficked areas. Both programs are capable of running rich, dynamic motion graphics. We create and run content that ranges from national public service announcements to campaigns for national CPG brands, franchises, as well as regional and local businesses.

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