This small business owners’ take on how those words should influence your brand strategy.

First….I have to say it… “Different” is being used as an adverb when it is actually an adjective and should have an “ly” at the end to be grammatically correct. Thanks for being patient. I had to get that off my chest.

Despite the intentional faux pas, Steve Jobs used this phrase to redefine the Apple brand, and to differentiate his company from his competitors by sharpening his focus on what made Apple Apple (at this point in tech history, it definitely wasn’t their balance sheet). The slogan came to encompass everything about Apple…their corporate culture, their dedication to creating insanely good products, their focus on creating the customer experience. It not only described the company, but drove its employees to live up to its’ message. The goal of “standing out” from the competition was eventually won as evidenced by the fact that they have become one of the most valuable companies on the planet and have competed and bested every other tech company on every level except one…price.

And they still won.

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This is my first posting…pretty exciting. This whole ‘blog, social media’ thing is new to me although I’d like to think of myself as a ‘progressive, techy’ kind of guy, (I pre-order every new Apple product, if that counts!), but I’m jumping in feet first since my marketing genius, Lisa Lindsay, an ex-Y&R superstar, told me, “a blog will help you to bond with your current and future customer base, create online buzz, be transparent, and help to communicate to your readers what our corporate culture is through your voice.” Sounded pretty good to me…she reads a lot.